Our History

The Ceres Togryers Museum was established as a Local Museum on 7 November 1978 and proclaimed as a Province-aided Museum with effect from 1 April 1987 in terms of Notice 74, published in the Provincial Gazette No 74 dated 10 September 1986.

Proclamation Document

Our Vision

To be a dynamic and welcoming community space where people can gather, collaborate and learn.

Our Mission

To educate, inspire, and connect with its community and visitors through exhibitions, memory, objects and shared identity, ensuring that the legacy of our heritage is preserved and appreciated by all.

Our Values

Inclusion, Accessibility, Innovation, Responsibility, Transparency, Enjoyment

Together, these values guide the Togryers Museum in its mission to educate, inspire, and connect with its community and visitors through exhibitions, memory, objects and shared identity, ensuring that the legacy of our heritage are preserved and appreciated by all.


The most unique stories you will find in the museum is that of the 1838 meteor fall, known for its unique scientific significance and considered one of the most extraordinary meteorites worldwid, the 1969 earthquake which had a huge impact on the community of Ceres and surrounding area, Galant rebellion, the second biggest slave up rise in the Cape Colony, the Transport Riders and the significant influence that the they had on the development of Ceres.

Other exhibits include the first inhabitants and their lifestyle, a collection of wagons,  the forced removals during the 1960’s that look at the policies of apartheid and their impact on the community. and the Jewish Community, exploring their significant contributions to the cultural, economic, and social development of the town​.

Meet Our Board of Trustees

Lulama Ngwane

Board Member

My name is Lulama Ngwane from Witzenberg in Nduli ward 1. I'm currently a EFF PR councilor. I'm deployed in Cape Winelands district municipality and I'm a regional Chair in under EFF. I'm also the representative for the Cape Winelands district municipality on the Board of Trustees of the Transport Riders Museum.

Liesel Lund

Board Member

A native of Beaufort West in the Great Karoo, have 25 years of experience in tourism, and have a degree in Tourism Management. Currently, I manage Rhodene Farm Cottages, just outside Prince Alfred’s Hamlet, and handles farm administration and HR for Rhodene Agri. I’m passionate about the outdoors, photography, cooking, and reading, My diverse interests enrich my life outside of work. Additionally, I dedicate my time, preserving the history and cultural heritage of the Ceres area, serving on the Board of Trustees for the Ceres Transport Riders Museum for over a decade. With my enthusiasm and unwavering passion, I continue to leave a lasting impact on both the tourism industry and the cultural fabric of the Ceres region.

Wouda Hanekom

Board Member

I matriculate in 1983 at Fred Gaum Secondary School, Ceres, completed Diploma in Social work 1988 and thereafter in 2007 Master’s Degree in Social Work. Are working 35 years in Social and Development Sector in various communities in the Western Cape to empower communities. I am part of the Board of trustees of the Transport Riders Museum since 2022.

Marthinus de Villiers

Board Member

I have been involved with the Togryers Museum as a Governing Board member for the past 15 years. I was a founding member of the Friends of The Transport Riders museum and have served as Chairman of the Association since its founding. My love for Ceres and its cultural history stems from the fact that I am a native of Ceres and have lived in Ceres for almost my entire life. I worked for a local packaging organization for over thirty years and retired mid-last year. I am involved in various community projects in Ceres and more recently at Ceres Business Initiative.



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We sincerely appreciate any contributions that support the endeavors of the Ceres Museum.

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