Room 1

Natural History

Theme 1Natural History

This room reflect the Warm and Cold Bokkeveld and Tankwa Karoo natural environment including the Geology, Climate, Topography, Flora and the unique Meteor fall.  An unique exhibition  here is the Prins Collection on Problem Animals. This exhibition  was donated to the museum during the late 1990 by the District Municipality.  View Room

”Chris Prins was born in the Ceres district in 1927. His parents lived on the farm Boontjiesrivier in the Wolseley district. After he completed his schooling, he went farming and in 1966 decided to join the Potato Cooperation at Prince Alfred’s Hamlet. He began work as a Problem Animal Control Officer for the Ceres South Problem Animal Club in 1967. Through the amalgamation of various hunting clubs and divisional councils the Breede River Regional Services Council was established in 1989. During this period he worked as Problem Animal Control Officer and as honorary nature conservator until his retirement in 1994.

Chris Prins has left a diverse collection of animal and fossil material that he used as educational aids during his term of office. He was well known in the Ceres district for his knowledge of the veld, plants and animals. He made a particularly important contribution with regard to education concerning “problem animals” – known to the people as “vermin”. This group includes leopards, black-backed jackal, lynx and black eagles. He had a good knowledge of the hunting habits of animals and often pointed out that stray dogs were the culprits in the case of cattle losses, rather than wild animals.”

Theme 2 Cultural History


A curated selection of artifacts, including ostrich eggshells, water containers, bowls made from tortoise shells, polished bone points, miniature stone tools, bows and arrows, stone weights with holes, and beads crafted from ostrich eggshells, is on display. Additionally, a panel showcasing the region’s San rock art complements the theme.


This theme highlights the historical significance of various passes that were integral to accessing the Bokkeveld interior. It features a timeline that captures key moments in the town’s development.


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