Expanding the concept of a “community space” in the context of our museum  is to include not just the physical spaces within the museum but also its outreach activities and presence in the community.  By clicking on the different hashtags you can discover the diverse events and programs the museum present.


The museum plays a vital role in community engagements through its involvement in various social projects. These initiatives reflect the museum’s dedication not only to education and the preservation of our heritage but also to active participation in the well-being of our  community.

Here are some of the key social projects that the museum engage in:

Coffee Jar Soup Project:

The Coffee Jar Soup Project is an effort to combat hunger and provide soup products in glass coffee jars to those in need during the colder winter months in Ceres. Community members are encouraged to donate non-perishable food items, which are then used to fill the coffee jars for nutritious soup.

Winter Donation Drive:

During this drive, the museum collects donations of clothes and blankets to distribute to the less fortunate. The success of this drive heavily depends on the generosity of community members, who donate items to ensure that everyone can face the winter with warmth and confort.  This initiative not only addresses immediate physical needs but also promotes a culture of giving and compassion within the community.

16 Days of Activism


Aligning with the global campaign against gender-based violence, the museum participates in the “16 Days of Activism” initiative. During this period, the museum becomes a hub for raising awareness about violence prevention. It collects donations of toiletries and other essentials for survivors of gender-based violence. All the toiletries are packed in care bags for victims and handed over to the Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit of Ceres,These care bags provide not only practical aid but also a symbol of support and solidarity from the community.

By supporting these social initiatives, the museum not only contributes to addressing some of the immediate needs of its community but also strengthens the ties between the museum and the people it serves. The dependence on community support and donations for these projects underscores a vital aspect of the museum’s operation: it thrives on and fosters a symbiotic relationship with the community. Each donation contributed by community members helps strengthen this bond, turning the museum into a true community space where culture, history, and social good meet.

Jun 5, 2024

CV writing training for youth on 19 June and 26 June at the museum.  Together we can empower our youth!  Contact the museum at 0233122045 to secure your...

May 9, 2024

Upcoming events for June

Keep an eye on our social media pages for more information on these two events.  Our Ubuntu Winter Drive starts at the beginning of June and make sure you don't miss out on our awareness campaign on 7 June to support doctors in our beautiful area....

May 9, 2024

Temporary exhibition: Buried treasures of Ceres

The temporary exhibition "BURIED TREASURES" is on display currently at the John Steyn library. Running from 6 May to 31 May.   These artifacts lay buried for many years and will be on display for the first time.    This event is part of International Museum Day, an...


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