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Apartheid, the system of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination that reigned in South Africa from 1948 to 1994, left an indelible mark on its citizens, shaping the social, political, and economic landscape of the nation in profound and lasting ways.

The exhibition in the room tell the story of the people in Ceres that were directly impacted by Apartheid’s legilsation

The first group areas laws, the group areas act of 1950, was promulgated on 7 July 1950, and over time was adopted. This law forced the physical division between races by creating separate living areas for races. Many people were force to move from their houses and suburbs because they were living in the ‘wrong’ area.

Residents of the Rooikamp and Sakkiesbaai were directly influenced by this legislation.




Read our online exhibition on  Apartheids history: The People’s history that tells the story of Zwartvlei, Sakkiesbaai and the estblishment of Nduli.


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