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Ceres History

Stock farmers crossed the Witzen mountain range as early as 1727 to establish themselves in the “Koue” and “Warm Bokkeveld”…

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Forced Removals

San hunter/gatherers and Khoikhoi herders inhabited the Ceres district prior to the arrival of Europeans.  The Khoi kept livestock which represented…

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Bella Vista

Reeds sedert die middel van die sestigerjare het die stadsraad en die afdelingsraad van Ceres ondersoek ingestel na geskikte grond vir stedelike uitbreiding.

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Prince Alfred’s Hamlet

Johannes Cornelis Goosen was born in Klein Drakenstein and came to the Warm Bokkeveld as a young farmer…

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Transport Riders

The transport rider was a trader who transported goods by wagon into the interior in order to sell or barter the goods. Transport Riders provided valuable service…

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Galant Slave Uprise

Slavery at the Cape affected thousands of people. From 1658 to 1807, between 60,000 and 80,000 people were made into articles of trade and taken away from their native countries…
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Tollhouses and Passes

Early in the 18th century cattle-farmers had already moved into the region with their cattle. Due to the mountainous…

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Jewish History

The first Jews to settle in Ceres were of German origin. Mr Adolf Arnholz, a storekeeper, was living in the town with his wife Mary by 1865. Their son Harry was circumcised…

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