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Ceres Transport Riders Museum


Visit from Minister

On Wednesday, 26 August, Minister Anroux Marais visited the Togryers Museum in Ceres, one of the many museums reopened across the province following national government’s approval of their compliance to the mandatory health protocols now to be instituted. Joined by...


Click on links to open documents below:Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 Earthquake Programme (English PDF file)50ste Herdenking van die Aardbewing Program (Afrikaans PDF leêr)

Emancipation Day: 1 December 2019

1 Desember:  Emansipasie dag.  Tydelike uitstalling oor die Houdenbek Opstand in die Koue Bokkeveld

World Prematurity Day 2019

17 November 2019: Museum sal saam met die BABY LOVE projek in Ceres bydraes lewer met pakkies aan mammas van prematuur babas in die Provinsiale Hospitaal.

Stalletjie in die Kultuurtent van die Hamlet Kuns en Kultuur Fees

25/26 Oktober:  Stalletjie in die Kultuurtent van die Hamlet Kuns en Kultuur Fees


28/29 September:  Aardbewingherdenkingsnaweek50 Jaar gelede op 29 September 1969  het die grootste natuurramp die gemeenskappe van Ceres, Tulbagh , Wolseley en Omgewing getref. Dit was vir die onderskeie gemeenskappe die begin van n tyd van saamstaan en...

Internasionale Museumdag, 18 Mei 2019 Saam met Diana Ferrus.

Internasionale Museumdag, 18 Mei 2019 Saam met Diana Ferrus.Ons die reis saam met Saartjie Baartman beleef en haar terugkeur na haar vaderland.  Diana is bekend vir haar geding " I'ce come to take you home" wat 'n Franse senator, Nicolas About, so geraak...

Museum Name

The name “Togryers Museum” or Transport Riders’ Museum originated from the huge influence that the transport riders had on the development of Ceres.

The completion of Michell’s Pass in 1848 made the town accessible to wagons, and one of the main routes to the diamond fields went through Ceres.

What we offer

The visitor to the museum can learn more about the natural history of the area, the first inhabitants and their lifestyle, as well as the establishment of Ceres.

Other exhibits include photographs and articles of the destructive earthquake of 1969, a collection of wagons, information on local schools, churches, the Slave up rise at Houdenbek Farm and the forced removals during the 1960’s and the Jewish Community in Ceres.


To develop and maintain the museum’s reputation as an institution of cultural significance and to deliver service excellence at all times.


To preserve and promote Ceres’ all inclusive historical and cultural heritage through collecting, conserving, documenting, education, research and exhibitions.

Institutional Values

All values all services are rendered in terms of the Batho Pele principles.


Objective 1: To manage the museum efficiently
Objective 2: To exhibit the history of the community in the Ceres area
Objective 3: To market the museum through a website, brochures and communication
Objective 4: To collect and conserve the collections
Objective 5: To promote social cohesion through public and outreach programmes
Objective 6: Implementing and develop education programmes

Institutional Offerings

The museum offers the following additional services to the public:

• Help with family research
• Presenting of educational programmes to both primary and secondary schools
• Supplying of tourism information on the town and surrounding areas
• Presenting outreach programmes to the youth and elderly
• Providing guided tours in the museum
• Provide historic information to the public, for learners for school assignments, to broadcasting authorities for the purpose of television programmes
• Providing a venue for workshops and meetings for local businesses, NPO’s and local Municipality.